Is Virtualmin compatible with...

I am planning to set up a dedicated server with the following settings:

  • Centos 6 64-bit
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL, Percona server
  • PHP with PHP-FPM enabled
  • Zend Optimizer+ OpCode cache
  • Memcache for MySQL
  • Varnish reverse proxy for static content
  • NewRelic
  • Mod_security
  • CSF firewall
  • rkhunter rootkit scanner
  • Bastille Linux
  • Mod_pagespeed
  • webmin

Please can someone help me understand which of the above items Plesk is compatible with?

Also, does virtualmin compile its own stuff like cPanel or have custom rpms like Plesk?


Virtualmin configures Apache, MySQL, and Webmin out of the box.

It’s no problem to use Zend, Memcache, mod_security, and rkhunter. Although you would need to install and configure those manually, there are a lot of people using them, and they should be simple to setup.

I haven’t used CSF, though many folks here in the forums do, and I hear great things about it.

I’m not familiar with mod_pagespeed, though I suspect it’ll work fine, so long as it’s able to work with the CentOS version of Apache.

It should be possible to use Varnish, though that may take some additional effort to configure.

I’m not familiar with using Bastille Linux on a Virtualmin system.

Regarding packages – Virtualmin goes out of it’s way to use the packages provided by the distribution that’s being used. There are a handful of custom RPM’s and DEB’s, but in general, most of the packages being used are provided by the distribution.


CSF works just fine with Virtualmin.

mod_pagespeed seems to work fine
Im using
Centos 6 64 bit
Zend Optimizer+ OpCode cache
and Varnish
among other stuff

Varnish was the trickiest so I documented it here