Is this safe? (changing servername)


I recently purchased an SSL cert for my domain. It covers both with and without “www”. The common name (CN) for the cert is, and frankly, it works perfectly. However, after checking my error logs, I noticed that Apache is complaining that the servername does not match the Common Name.

After some research, I realized that this is because Virtualmin has the servername as “” and the alias as “”. Seemed easy enough to fix, I just navigated my way over to: Services >> Configure Website >> Networking and Addresses and switched around the servername and alias so that the servername is now “” and likewise the alias is “”.

I restarted Apache and got no errors, and now I can browse the site in HTTPS without the Apache error clogging up the logs. So it seems like a success, however I must ask: Will doing this somehow cause trouble down the road in regard to Virtualmin?

Thank you.


Well, I’m not sure that I’d be too concerned about the Apache warning regarding the SSL cert – I don’t think anything bad would come of that.

But, as far as switching the server name and alias around… I think that’ll be okay, I can’t come up with anything problems with flipping those.


Thank you Eric!

I agree, I wasn’t concerned about the warnings, I was just getting a bit peeved that it was filling up my error log. (one warning for each connection equals a LOT of garbage).