Is this normal?

I’ve already running several sites in my server.
After I installed webmin and virtualmin, I made all sites’ backup and deleted user names, home directories, and mysql user and database.

After that, I created virtual server in virtualmin control panel.

All images I uploaded via wysiwyg editor cannot be opened. I tried to figure it out, but there is nothing in error log. It is my wordpress blog. I can’t see all thumbnails and images. However, if I open my site with Preview Website menu in virtualmin control panel, all functions work well. (

I don’t know what I missed and what to do. Please help me…


That sounds a bit like your issue here:

Maybe someone else will have some ideas… but I’ve unfortunately never heard of anything like that.

If you upload images via both WordPress as well as FTP, and they come up as corrupted… that sounds like something odd is going on. I’d verify that the images all look good before uploading them. You may also want to verify that the account in question isn’t low on disk quota and that there’s plenty of free space on the server. Also, as a shot in the dark, you might see if it makes a difference to go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and change the PHP script execution mode to something else… if you’re using FCGID or CGI now, you may want to see if using mod_php makes a difference.

However, to answer your question, it’s anything but normal, and I’ve never heard of it happening before :slight_smile:


If I hoover my mouse over the pictures, I can see Asian font in the url.
There might be a problem there.

If I want to view an image, it says Page not Found.

You may need to adjust settings in the php.ini file, however I’m not too sure for what setting to look

Error occures on most of images even if the url is english.
At last I removed all virtualmin, webmin, and apm. I reinstalled apm again but the error isn’t fixed.

I want to reinstall OS but it costs $100…How can I fix this error?

I think too many things have occured now to troubleshout your issue, even if I would know what an APM is.
Is this a VPS? Why would you pay $100 for a reinstall?

If you put an image in the root of www, can you call it in the browser, i.e. without using wordpress or another script?

Whoever your hoster is, if they charge you $100 for an OS reinstall, I’d switch to a different hoster right on the spot.

For example, my hoster offers a procedure with which I could (if I was using a standard Linux as opposed to VMWare ESXi) reinstall the OS myself, free-of-charge.