Is this correct use of the "reseller" ?

I want to run two different hosting websites aimed to help different markets.

First I have registered a new domain and want to change the name of the system hostname to

Does anyone know where to do this ?
( I have spent over an hour checking every module in VirtualMin and Webmin !! )

I have already registered two doms for the two hoster websites and set them up as virtual servers on my dedicated server.

Is it best now to make these into resllers ?
How should I do this ?


in VM PRO under the virtualmin tab
Server Configuration - Change Domain Name
I dont know about VM GPL …

A reseller is a person that rents a piece of your server and bandwidth so he in his turn can sell webspace within the restrictions you set as master admin.

if you are the one selling and controlling the domains on your server then personally I do not see a point in creating reseller accounts. I also do not see directly how a domain becomes a reseller and what the point would be…

Thanks but the “Server Configuration - Change Domain Name”
doesn’t change the System Hostname. It can be changed somewhere - but I can’t find it :frowning:

o sorry, my bad.

system hostname can be changed under the webmin tab - Networking - Network Configuration - Hostname and DNS Client