Is there any some kind of domain.conf file?

OS type and version Ubuntu 18
Webmin version 2.0
Virtualmin version 7.1

Hello all

I want to edit virtual-server PHP mode/version from fcgi to fpm.
Currently, the GUI offers no problem. However since I want to automate things is there any file that I can edit to change the fcgi to fpm on the domain without opening the virtualmin web based interface.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Virtualmin has an API. See


You could do that from these.

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Thank you @calport

Very great solution.

Is there a way when I create new domain i get the id of domain as it created in here :

Thank you

– Solution :
Here is the command :
virtualmin list-domains --domain --id-only

You got it!

You are a champ!

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