is there any hook for SSL Cert update

I am using reverse proxy (apache & nginx).

I need to restart both server whenever any server’s SSL got updated. (I am using let’s encrypt)

I know there is already a hook for SSL_DOMAIN . How can I trigger custom script on SSL_UPDATE?



Don’t understand too much, but I will try to help. I known the servers needs to restart to reload your new certs files. You are looking to a automated way to do that each time you update a SSL? Like a custom script to run after that? To reload that two servers?

yeah, you have guessed it right.

Any idea how to do it?

Ataur, did you find any solution for this? I need to update cert file permissions manually after each auto update of Webmin / Virtualmin Let’s encrypt SSL certificate, and want to automate this.

Did anyone manage to find a solution?