Is there a backup feature for the Cloudmin master?

Ala Virtualmin, is there a way to backup via Cloudmin, the Cloudmin master itself? With settings?

Maybe I missed it somewhere.

is it replication you are looking for ?

No, backup. In a non cloudmin setup, there is a backup and restore menu which allows you to backup the machine (in this case, the cloudmin machine). Files on it, mysql databases, etc. I can indeed backup the hosts on the machine, but, there is no scheduled backup feature like Virtualmin has for backing up the cloudmin machine itself, which would not include the hosts of course.

Did you find a way to do backups of Cloudmin ?


Nope, found no way within Cloudmin or Virtualmin to take a cloudmin backup. Apparently, it must not exist. probably, should submit a ticket. It seems like a pretty basic need!

Yep definitively, will open one on my side also as it’s so basic that I don’t understand that it’s missing :frowning:


Yeah make sure you file a support request about that, if it doesn’t exist, Jamie can add it.

But note that you could always make a backup of your /etc/webmin directory – all the Cloudmin configuration is contained within that.