Is SUEXEC Installed on my Server?

Hi - How can i find out if SUEXEC is installed in virtualmin/webmin on my server.

I had a look at the package list and it’s not there, but i dont know if this is a virtualmin package or not so probably looking in the wrong place. Can you advise?


Well, suexec is typically installed by default, especially if you performed the installation using the script.

Are you running into some sort of problem though?

Also, which distro/version are you using?


yeah, i did run when i setup virtualmin originally. i have CentOS.

not running into any problem, but a piece of software i use mentions that if i have SUEXEC installed then i dont have to chmod 777 some particular folders - if its not installed then i would need to use chmod 777 on those folders.

Thats why i wanted to know if there was some way of checking to see if it is installed or not?

suexec is part of the httpd package, it is not separate, your httpd package should have “vm” in the version (for Virtualmin)

rpm -q httpd

Assuming you used the install script, and haven’t changed any of the defaults, all websites run with suexec, also php runs as the website’s user as well.


Yup, as lp86 said, you should be good!

One thing you can check though is to look in Server Configuration -> Website Options, and to make sure the PHP Execution Mode is set to either FCGID or CGI.

If so, then you’ll be using suexec with that domain. It should be set to FCGID by default.