Is Itanium2 64 bit, SuSe LINUX Enterprise Server 9 supported?

I’d like to ask whether VirtualMin supports the above system.

Other: I read that VirtualMin install will replace any other FTP than ProFtp. We currently use PureFtp. What will happen? What shall we do to migrate the customers? Currently we keep all passwords in MySql. Will it stay like this?

We also keep the users mail data in MySql? Does it go well with VirtualMin?

Other: Is this the proper forum to discuss the free VirtualMin as well as VirtualMin Professional? Where can I ask the prof version questions in advance if I am planning to buy?

One question which comes to my mind: What happens if we does not renew the subscription? Shall we downgrade to the free version? Or there is a lifetime version for which we need to buy only support tickets?