is it safe to use dotdeb repository?

is it safe that I use dotdeb after virtualmin installation? do this broke any setting?


Well, we only do testing with the official Debian packages – we don’t do any testing with third party repositories such as dotdeb.

So in that regard, we generally recommend using the official packages.

However, there are plenty of folks who use dotdeb… and sometimes there are reasons to use third party repositories. If you do that, I’d suggest testing packages on a test server before installing them on your live server.


@persiancity did you end up eventually trying it and using it? please share your experience.

Has anyone else tried out and successfully used dotdeb repositories with virtualmin? I’m on a debian with virtualmin and my application needs a version of php above php 5.3.4+.

The dotdeb repos generally work with no problems.

However, since they get less testing, there’s more room for things to go wrong.

We recommend avoiding any third party repos, when possible.

But, if you need a higher PHP version, getting PHP from dotdeb should work just fine for you.