Is it safe to remove postgres after installing 9?

I installed PG9 after following this guide:

However, as I have not removed postgres the version of pg_dump being picked up is the old version (so some scripts throw a version miss-match error).

I tried creating a /etc/profile.d called file and adding this to it:

export PG_DUMP
export PATH

But still no joy, so changed it to:

export PG_DUMP
export PATH

And although the script works as it picks up the correct pg_dump version, I get a lot of errors when logging into the server. So I removed it and the errors went (but the original problem remains).

Hence my question, is it ok to remove the original postgres? I think it’s a virtual-min-base dependency. I think I heard mentioned that this would be sorted out in a virtualmin update but not sure now. Or maybe someone has a solution to get the correct version of pg_dump to be used?

Edit: Have removed PG8 and touch wood it’s all ok :slight_smile:

Hi, Just wondering if it’s ok to remove the original postgres version as I have now upgraded to 9.2

Is it still a virtualmin dependency? Will anything ‘bad’ happen if I remove it?

Thanks in advance.

Virtualmin only requires Postgres, the specific version doesn’t matter.

If you’ve upgraded to a more recent version, you should be just fine.