Is it safe to re-compile PHP from zero on a Virtualmin server?

I am experiencing lot’s of issues on my Ubuntu 10.04 server related to Suhosin, which comes as a patch by default, so since there is no way to remove it by means of aptitude, I have to re-compile PHP in order to get rid of Suhosin. But I am afraid will it effect Virtualmin’s settings. Is it ok to proceed to re-compiling or not?


I generally wouldn’t recommend that, for a few reasons…

However, you should be able to disable it.

To do disable Suhosin, you can add this to your $HOME/etc/php.ini file:

suhosin.simulation = On

That tells Suhosin to not actually prevent any actions, which should prevent it from causing trouble with your web sites.


Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that and other methods mentioned on with no joy - it is conflicting with APC that I am trying to setup. I also tried to setup Memcache, so probably that is another possible subject of conflict, but I’ve read elswhere that Suhosin and APC don’t play nice with each other.