Is it possible to safely delete migrated Cpanel aliases and convert subdomains?

After importing Cpanel backup into VIrtualmin I have one “migrated Cpanel server” and a bunch of “migrated Cpanel subdomains” and “migrated Cpanel aliases”.

My questions:

Is it possible to delete all aliases without losing data?

Is it possible to convert every “migrated Cpanel subdomain” into a full featured Virtualmin server?

If you dealt with Cpanel migration I’d very appreciate your input and suggestions.


If you look in Server Configuration for one of those subdomains/aliases, do you see an option named “Convert to Sub-Server”?

If so, that should do what you’re looking for.


Oh, also, if you have an alias – and not a Virtual Server or Sub-Server – deleting just an alias would not touch the data of the domain it’s an alias of.

Deleting an alias just deletes that alias, not the parent’s website content.

Note though that all the alias information would be deleted – DNS entries, email address, and anything else that exists within the alias itself would be removed.