Is it possible to properly install Virtualmin on a home server in a wireless network?

I am trying to configure my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server at home, to fully prepare it before placing it on commercial colocation. So I installed Ubuntu on it and connected to Internet through my Apple Airport wireless hub, updated, upgraded it. Did not install any additional software. So it is at completely fresh and ideal for installation of Virtualmin condition. However, the fact it is connected to Internet not directly, but via wireless adapter, I believe, has totally confused installation script.

I have for /etc/resolv.conf:

nameserver domain search

for /etc/hosts: localhost

for /etc/hostname

and below virtualmin-install.log is attached.

I wonder is it possible at all to properly install Virtualmin behind wireless connection? BTW, I redirected all the requests to my IP (from on port 80 to the internal IP of the server and can reach the server through IP.

File attachments don’t show up in the body of the node despite they are checked on. So I had to put a link to the attachment I would appreciate if anyone could share his experience of installing Virtulamin on a home server, which connects to Internet through wireless modem.


You can certainly install Linux and Virtualmin while behind a wireless and/or NAT system, though that does add a layer of complexity.

You’d want to make sure that “hostname -f” returns a valid FQDN, otherwise Dovecot won’t install properly, and will generate the errors you’re seeing.


Thanks Eric. How do I reinstall Virtualmin? I wanted clean install and now I have files already created, at the same time installation was interrupted and not finished. Won’t new installation trial conflict with the files already created?

I don’t think it is really recommended to reinstall virtualmin (since the install script runs best on a fresh system). But you can experiment on a test system with the following: