Is it possible to mail new server details to multiple email addresses?

Under] Server Template] Default Settings] Mail for domain

Is it possible to "Also Cc email to" more than 1 email addresses (e.g. by inserting a comma between email addresses)?


That is a great suggestion, Alan. Thanks!

To Joe:

Perhaps Virtualmin should also consider allowing multiple cc email addresses, if not already.

FYI, in case you haven’t seen it, take a look at[A HRef=“”>Bug #713</A> (RFE: Notification Email BCC vs. CC). I recently requested this as a way to send this information as a BCC in addition to (or instead of) a CC address.

If this is not what you want though, and you simply want to CC to multiple addresses, personally my suggestion is this: Create a special address for this purpose in one of your hosted domains, such as You can make this address an alias for as many other addresses as you want, or a mailing list, or whatever. This way, you only have to insert a single address into the template field, which keeps the configuration simple. (I already do this same thing on my servers.)