Is it possible to incrementally name backup files?

I’m creating a backup schedule for the webmin configuration files and I notice a few things that are missing when compared to the Virtual Server backup routine.

  1. There’s no option for strftime when naming the local file.
  2. There’s no option to connect to AWS S3.

I can think of a few workarounds:

  1. Create a script that renames the file and appends the date and time to the description.
  2. Create a cron job that syncs the resulting backup to AWS S3 using the --delete flag.
  3. Create a cron job that deletes old backups from the local folder after a certain time period.

Is this basically the best option for this function to automate it?

Hi arretx, I use “Log File Rotation” module included in Webmin to rotate backups. You have to be sure that backups rotate after they are complete.

Yes it is, in bash you say what you want to means you can edit anything within virtualmin as gpl, but for pro version I would ask virtualmin guys first.

The Webmin, file backup module does allow time variables. It might have to be enabled in the configuration for the file backup module. Gear icon in top left of module.

You can also include any file or folder you want in any virtualmin backup. It has a box for extra files/folders to backup at the same time as virtualmin backup. I include /etc in every virtualmin backup so all configs of that date are saved along with the domains.

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