Is it possible to forward mail to a specific user folder?

EDIT: I must have had issues in my procmail filters, as think procmail IS actioned on forwarders, so I dont think this is an issue for me anymore, it can be deleted or ignored

For my main user email I use procmail to create some rules to forward mail into specific folders.

I have an email alias for sales@ which forwards mail to my main user email.

Problem is, it seems forwarding bypasses procmail rules for some strange reason. So the forwarder goes direct into my inbox and not the folder I want it to go in via the procmail filters.

So in the virtualmin setting to forward mail, or deliver locally, am I able to specify which user folder to put it in? So I wont need the forwarder to use procmail.

If not, then how do I get a forwarder to use the procmail filters (which I would think it should do).

Thanks a lot


You are correct, procmail should indeed still work when email is forwarded. Procmail can be a bit fickle sometimes :slight_smile: