Is it possible to create an email group for external recipients using Virtualmin

Use case:

A user on our Virtualmin server,, want to email his friends on a regular basis.

He requested that we create a server group for them.

For example, Joe has these friends:

So although Joe is on our email server, the other recipients are not.

The idea is that the other recipients can also email and email is broadcast to all recipients.

I see “how to email group” questions have been asked before, e.g. here:

What’s not clear is it’s external recipients?

The problem we are currently experiencing is SPF bounces.

It seems that when the message hits the group on our server, the origin become the sender, not our domain.

So we have these kinds of messages:

The mail system (expanded from host[x.y.z.v] said: 550 a.b.c.d is not
allowed to send mail from (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Any ideas?

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