Is it possible to backup specific MYSQL Databases to S3?

Is it possible to use the virtualmin backup schedule to backup specific DB’s to S3 or do I need to set these up from webmin and then schedule a backup of the local folder?


You could have Virtualmin backup all databases within a given Virtual Server (and nothing else). You can do that by creating a new backup schedule in Backup and Restore, and in the “Features and settings” section, tell it to only backup the feature named “Contents of server’s MySQL databases”.


Hi Eric

That was what I tried originally but it didn’t backup all the databases.
Things I noticed was:
It’s seems to backup databases for each Domain Aliases - although the db is the same.
It doesn’t seem to backup databases that don’t use the virtual server name e.g. with a database called dev_db etc…

Anyway around this?.

Here’s the log - Our main dev_db is not amongst this list of backed up databases

Full backup output
Creating backup for virtual server []…
Dumping MySQL database phpmyadmin …
… done
… completed in 1 seconds
Creating backup for virtual server [] …
… completed in 0 seconds
Creating backup for virtual server [] …
Dumping MySQL database beta …
… done
… completed in 0 seconds
Creating final backup archives in directory …
… done

Uploading archive to Amazon’s S3 service …
… done

3 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

Hmm, it certainly should!

If you go into Edit Databases, does “dev_db” show up as one of the database names?

Virtualmin has a list of databases associated with a given domain, and it should use the same list in “Edit Databases” as it does to back them up.

In theory :slight_smile:


If I click on edit database it’s not there.
If I go to webmin\servers\mysql database server - it is listed.

The db in question was imported from a sql script.

Any suggestions on how to get it picked up by the backup?



Hmm, so this particular database wasn’t created within Virtualmin?

If so, that’s the issue then – Virtualmin doesn’t realize that its part of that Virtual Server.

That’s fixable though!

What you can do is go into Edit Databases -> Import Database, and import dev_db into the Virtual Server that should own it.

That will tell Virtualmin which Virtual Server should own the database – and then it’ll be included in Edit Databases as well as in your backups.


That did the trick

Thanks Eric - A nice easy fix :slight_smile: