Is it possibe to create virtual server without creating user and group?

Let’s clarify… My users and groups are in an LDAP directory.
Using virtualmin I already created a virtual server on machine A with user X.
So user X is already in the LDAP directory.
Now I want to create a virtual server on machine B for user X (because the load on server A reaches its limit). Is there any option to prevent re-creation of this user.
If not, is it possible to implement this option.
What I really want is the full virtual server setup without the creation of a user and group (because it is already there).

I have the same situation. My users are stored in LDAP and I am looking for a way to create a new virtual server on a second machine and be able to use an existing account. I’ve searched through the docs and it doesn’t seem to be possible. Any help would be appreciated.