Is it important to have all plugins? Plugin virtualmin-nginx-ssl*

Operating system: 20.04 Ubuntut DO
OS version:
Warning - the following features were enabled in one or more of the domains in the backup, but are not enabled on this system : Plugin virtualmin-nginx-ssl

I’m no expert on nginx, but that plugin looks important. It probably has something to do with the ability to serve secure pages.


Two packages are needed for Nginx: wbm-virtualmin-nginx and wbm-virtualmin-nginx-ssl. The former is the Webmin module that shows up as Nginx Webserver in the Webmin/Servers menu; the latter is for SSL support in Virtualmin.

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If you’re running nginx, how do you have a system without the virtualmin-nginx-ssl module?

If you’re restoring domains that were running on an nginx Virtualmin system onto an Apache system, you should expect (usually minor) problems. The two web servers are very different and migrating between them is pretty rarely done, so there isn’t a lot of testing being done (and Apache to nginx is a more common migration direction, so it’s better supported, but still buggy).

Unless you have good reasons for changing, why not just make your new system use the same web server as the old one?

Edit: To be clear about the first sentence, if you installed the LEMP version of Virtualmin and you don’t have virtualmin-nginx-ssl module, your system is broken. Something went (maybe badly) wrong. How’d you get there? Don’t use the system until you understand why it’s broken and fix it, or do a fresh install on a freshly installed OS that is known good.

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