Is it advised to be on Xen or OpenVZ or Virtuzzo

I will use CentOS 6 32x
Is it advised to use a VPS that is based on vitalization with Xen, or OpenVZ, or Virtuzzo?

my preference is Xen because you will have a swap file that will serve helpful if RAM is limited.
OpenVZ is limited unless you will get a lot of RAM
Virtuozzo I have no experience with but I have heard less fortunate stories about it.

I’ve 3 hosting accounts so far :
BuyVM => OpenVZ.
Linode => Xen.
Knownhost => Virtuzzo.

I read a lot of reviews about the main differences in between and all is about allocating resources, so I am not asking about the differences but I mean the VirtualMin and the virtualization system that is advised?
For example many linux distributions are ok to be used with Virtualmin but CentOS is advised more to be used.
So I mean in such a thing (I understand the differences and factors when comparing linux distributions and virtualization).

So please advise :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

it doesnt really matter as it is still the OS you install virtualmin on not the virtualisation type.
What matters in this case is how your OS will behave on the different types of virtualisation.
My preference is Xen for reasons stated above.

Ronald … THANKS … really mean it and much appreciated your replies to all my questions


Yeah, as Ronald mentioned, they should all work, given enough resources.

But, for the reasons he listed, I’d also highly suggest Xen.

The forums here are full of folks who had problems while trying to use OpenVZ :slight_smile:


And they solved it, or still having troubles?

They were resolved only if the host provided enough resources. But it’s so common to not have enough resources that we would recommend using Xen :slight_smile:


Does using 512 MB ram and 1 GB ram burst ram is enough?

It’s probably not enough, and I suspect you’d see problems… but how well that’ll work really depends on a lot of factors specific to your provider.

I’d highly recommend using Xen instead :slight_smile:


Xen means Linode … I do not know why the hell the whole web keep saying linode is the best vps around the market.

Yeah, Linode is a good provider.

The issue with OpenVZ is that burst RAM is unreliable… so if your VPS begins using burst RAM for some reason, the application using it can be killed off at any time if another VPS needs guaranteed RAM.

However, all RAM in Xen is guaranteed… plus, unlike OpenVZ, Xen can use swap for additional RAM, where OpenVZ doesn’t allow swap.

We’re not trying to hate on OpenVZ. An OpenVZ-based server can work great. But using Xen can provide a more predicable environment, and one with guaranteed RAM.


I will go for linode :slight_smile:

I personally prefer VMWare for virtualization purposes, to throw in a other option. :slight_smile:

Is it better then Xen?

“Better” is relative. I personally prefer it.