Is hostname domain useable?


I have a Virtualmin/Ubuntu server up and running with hostname: and nameserver: & does not appear as a virtual server nor can I add it. Is it necessarily a sacrificial domain or am I able to use it for a website, mailing lists etc? If so how?

Thanks for any advice.



What happens when trying to add “” as a domain name onto your server?


When trying to add it from “Create Virtual Server” I get the message:

“Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain is already hosted by your DNS server”

“Setup DNS zone?” is one of the default “Enabled features” which is something that already exists and I wouldn’t want overwritten but I’m loathe to make any more attempts unless I know that it should be possible as I don’t want to screw up my system hostname domain!

Cheers, Geoff


Sure, if you disable the BIND DNS feature, you’d be able to add that domain… it just means that Virtualmin won’t be able to manage the DNS for it.

If you want Virtualmin to be able to manage the DNS, you could first remove the DNS zone that had been manually added, then create the Virtual Server with the DNS feature enabled, and then use Virtualmin to add the DNS records that had previously been in there.


Thanks Eric!

I unticked the ‘Setup DNS zone?’ box and Create Virtual Server ran without error…

I had already added mail, www, & ftp as well as server, ns1 & ns2 to the zone file and was immediately able to ftp in and access the (forbidden message) http page. I then setup a mail forwarder and sent myself an email (sad, I know :wink: so everything appears to be working :slight_smile:

Thanks again.