Is deleting roundcube impossible?


I ran into a strange problem with roundcube today. Some plugins were no longer working depsite many attempts to re install them. I decided to uninstall roundcube and deleted it associated mysql database.

I’ve sshed into the server to verify the directory was removed and it was, yet I can still log into roundcube??
I could still send and receive messages. How is such a thing possible? I’ve cleared all cache and rebooted some routers to avoid the obvious but to no avail.

How can I disable roundcube for a specific virtual server/domain ? There must be some settings outsite the virtual server account, no?


If the directory the Roundcube files reside in were actually deleted, it’s 100% impossible to still access them. So you should first check what directory your Roundcube URL is actually served from.


As I’ve said I did and that’s why I am posting.


As i said, it is impossible for Apache to execute PHP files that have been deleted. You might want to check its configuration where Roundcube is served from.


I have been a network administrator since 1995 and I know and understand what you say.
We do a lot of way more complicated things then installing php applicatitons.

This is why I posted, to ask if the virtulmin installation of roundcube would do some extra magik (server wide) allowing what looks like the impossible, so if I follow you you say NO.

Therefore its a unsolved mystery as yes it does run when everything is deleted!!!
You read it well I hope, the database, the web content are all gone AND roundcube still runs from that very same url with the erased domain content!!

As a proof: I am on the right server and I can read the apache log live and they do show no activity at all, yet the e-mails are sent and read via the roundcube installation for that very domain.

The problem is that no matter what plugin I try to install they never register as if I would be doing nothing, this is totally crazy!!

I never saw such thing in 20 years, so that is why I suspect some server wide settings when installing roundcube form the install script in virtualmin.

I will have to migrate de client onto another cp in order to install the plugins as its impossible anymore under that virtual server. What a drag.

Thank you anyway.


I did solve it, no reasons as everything is the same as it was. I just unzipped the plugins without the -a option.

The deletion problem is not fixed however and I think the plugin is the issue, this could be a security issue.
See the attached screen with the server wide possibilities, that could be it.


Well, with your 20 years of experience, you’ll certainly manage to solve this conundrum. :wink: I wish you good luck!