IPv6 Range on Rocky Linux

OS type and version: Rocky Linux 8 x86_64
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.16

I’ve just spun up a new server on Rocky Linux and installed virtualmin. I am unable to add IPv6 Addresses from a range assigned by my host. Error message when trying to allocate an IPv6 Address from the range is:

.. IPv6 address failed! : Failed to add IPv6 address : SIOCSIFADDR: File exists

I have added the range in the System Settings → Server Templates area.

Anyone have any ideas how to get this working?

not really, I don’t use IP 6 yet however you’re on unsupported distribution…you might ask @staff for help…just make sure that your firewall and ISP support ip6.

First look in > webmin> Networking> Network Configuration there is the ip6 at a interface at bootup and active

There you do the base ip config for the box sofar i understand

IN Alma 8.4.x this is working here. :wink:

Then if exist in your own post the error there is a checkbox somewhere for “Already active” or so near …

i don’t use range however, i use statics…

The base IPv6 Address provided by my host is working as expected. They provide additional IPv6 IPs via a secondary range. The range is what is not working.

I may swap over to Alma if it’s working there, but would prefer to not have to move everything again haha.

I have edited my post, i don’t use range but static , do you see those are active in networking and interface itself?

From the original error message, it looks like the IPv6 address that Virtualmin is trying to assign is already active. Do you already have addresses in use in the range for allocation?

I do not, the only IPv6 Address currently in use is the one provided by the provider as the primary IPv6 IP which is outside of the assigned range.

Yes but what do you see at:
First look in > webmin> Networking> Network Configuration there is the ip6 at a interface at bootup and active

Is that range or parts somewhere there to see?

The only IPv6 Setting as the location you mentioned is From IPv6 discovery. No mention of the range on that page.

So no ips from that range to any interface yet?

Then you have to configure / add those there i guess to a interface yes or no virtual.

I don’t know about 2 ranges so can’t help, also i do static…

I’ve followed the instructions here: IPv6 and Virtualmin – Virtualmin

I did just test this on a fresh install, and still having no luck.

I also attempted statically setting the primary IPv6 address on the host, which also made no change.

Look the web for some CLI commands to check interfaces AND ACTIVE IPS ON COMMAND LINE.



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