IPv6 PTR record instructions (when host is pointing records to your nameservers)

my ISP/host has given me a /64 and pointed it to my nameservers (ns1.domain.com / ns2.domain.com) - this is atypical from what other support threads have mentioned (where ISP usually just sets up the ptr records for you)

I’m trying to get ptr records working for a single address (ipv6addr:101) to deal with GMail delivery issues on the mail server. I’d like to keep ipv6 enabled for the server.

I’ve created PTR records for mail.domain.com and www.domain.com in virtualmin with the value

is this correct? Do i need to add .ip6.arpa.ns1.domain.com. to the end? Right now a ipv6 reverse dns keeps coming up with record not found, so I presume i’m doing something wrong. Am i supposed to be entering a PTR record for a single ipv6 address or for the /64 block?


EDIT - I’ve done some additional digging and it appears I need to create a reverse DNS zone in Webmin’s BIND9 config. my nameservers are one of the domains being managed by virtualmin/webmin. I’ve already got IPs resolving to those nameservers properly. Do I just need to create a reverse zone in webmin for this PTR record?