IPv6 : how to ?

Hi !

I’ve a /64 IPv6 for my webserver, so I want to use it for webhosting (one IPv6 per server).

The server is already installed with webmin/virtualmin for month under Debian 5.0 64b.

I’ve not succeded to add my /64 with virtualmin, so I add it in debian :
iface eth0 inet6 static
address 2001:41D0:1:218a::1
netmask 64

=> ifconfig is right
=> Webmin see it on eth0 : good !

Next, I must tell virtualmin it can use a range to auto-assign an IPv6 to every websites.
Virtualmin > System Setting > Templates > Virtual IP Address
But I don’t understand how it work (and the help popup for IPv6 range doesn’t exist : /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/help/template_ranges6_mode.html)

starting adress / ending adress / netmask ?
I’ve try a lot, but nothing work. No error, but values do not stay after save.

Can you explain me with some examples with 2001:41D0:1:218a::/64 ?


Hi Julien,

Yeah, one of the problems with some IPv6 related things is that it’s probably not quite as solid as the IPv4 that gets pretty thoroughly used every day :slight_smile:

It sounds like you may be stumbling across some bugs.

For example, if a help file doesn’t exist, that’s definitely a bug :slight_smile:

But also, if things you’re adding to a form don’t save, that sounds like a bug as well.

My recommendation would be to file a support request, using the Support link above, and Jamie will work with you to iron those issues out.



Some news :
So I’ve a range in my template !

The problems of empty field after save was about the IPv6 format (but without warning error…), like uppercase forbidden in hexa notation.

Now, my range is ok :
2001:41D0:1:218a::2 >> 2001:41D0:1:218a::ff

BUT, in virtualserver create/edit I can now try to assign an IPv6, but it fail with error: “Missing or invalid IPv6 address”.