IP Allocation with Virtualmin - Best Practice & How?

My VPS originally had two IPs. The system, the Virtualmin installation and the hosted sites were all on one IP. My host had a problem with its vlan bridge causing the node I was on to go down - it had been up for a year. When it came up, I found my host had given me an extra IP with a lower number in the last 3 digits, and everything moved around. The system, linux installation was on one IP, the Virtualmin installation on another, and my hosted sites on the third address.

Are there any advantages to leaving things as they now are as opposed to putting them back, everything on one IP?

What is the best arrangement for my VPS with its IPs?

I think I can move the Virtualmin configuration to a different IP using system settings -> virtualmin configuration -> network settings. And I think I could move the hosted sites using addresses & networking -> change IP address. But what about the system IP, the one that shows next to the hostname? I am not sure how to change/move that?


Well, by default everything would be on one IP address.

However, there’s nothing at all wrong with your current setup, and leaving it that way means that there isn’t a risk of something breaking during a change :slight_smile:

Is everything working now though? Are you experiencing any problems since your provider had the issue you described?


Thanks for the help.

Everything is working except that I only had rDNS entries for the IP that I was on previously, so emails are failing because of the lack of an rDNS entry for the system IP. I am not sure whether it makes sense to put them all back or provide rDNS entries for the other IPs.

Also, I wasn’t sure about how to change the system/host IP as opposed to the Virtualmin and host IPs.


Setting up reverse DNS entries is typically a fairly simple thing that your provider does for you – they may even have a web interface that can handle that for you.

That’s likely the simplest way to correct everything, as changing IP’s around if everything else is working runs the risk of breaking something.

I’m not sure what you mean by the system IP though – where is it that you’re seeing that?


Your question about the system IP perhaps illustrates my lack of understanding. What I consider the system IP is the IP that shows next to hostname on the Virtualmin system home page. If that is where Virtualmin is installed too, then I am not understanding how to change the IP the Virtualmin uses. I thought Virtualmin used the address specified on Webmin->Networking->Network Interfaces, the virtual interface with Virtualmin next to the name?

For me, the IPv4 address next to hostname, and the one specified used by Virtualmin in the network interface are not the same.