ip addressing/dns error

I just re-installed one of my virtualmin servers as I migrated things over to a new host. I restored all of the backups for the websites, but when I try to browse to any of the sites on the host, it doesnt’ come up. when I ping the url, it gives me my gateways external IP address instead of the internal ip for the machine. I can ping the url for any of the sites on any of my other servers and it resolves to the correct internal ip address and not my external ip address. the websites on any of the other hosts come up fine as well. I CAN access the websites on the host with the issues externally just fine, just not internally as its resolving to my gateways external ip address and not the internal ip address. at first I thought it was my DNS server, so I double checked it and even brought a new one online just to make sure it wasnt’ a dns issue. the issue still occured on the new dns server. all websites were accessible using the new dns server except the ones on this host. so there is an issue with this host, but I have no idea where to look. I have double checked the ip address, dns servers for it, and still not working. ANY help would be apprecieated.