IP Addresses


After our original server install we have changed ip’s and now have 3 ip’s

  1. i’m reserving for ssh (ip adddress 1)
  2. I’m using on all virtual servers (ip address 2)
  3. i wanted to use on Hostname i.e abc.domain.com (ip address 3)

2 and 3 are virtual network cards / ip addresses

problem i have in Hosts file i’ve specified ip address 3 but off course the the abc.domain.com is actually just a subdomain of domain.com which has ip two

so within virtiualmin it says abc.domain.com is ip address 2 i want it to be ip address 3 and broadcast that as such

But i want main domain to be ipaddress 2. i don’t want to have to setup a subdomain virtual server as i just want the server hostname and ip address 3 transmitted as when i email from mailing software i need reverse dns to find abc.domain.com has ip address 3

Maybe this is not possible or i need to config / edit something else