IP addresses internal/external when they used to be simply all external.

So, I had to reinstall my server. I downloaded the latest Virtualmin GPL.

I installed everything the way I have for years. But this time, when I went to select IP addresses from my pool for my domains, I’m getting this weird thing where it says something like: ( externally)

I cannot simply select an IP address for my domain and have it be the address. It seems like it’s acting as if it’s behind a NAT, and I can’t find where to make this go away and let me go back to selecting IP addresses for my domains like I used to.

Any clues?

So, I sorta kinda fixed this. When I put in a new top domain now, after I’m done, I go to Server Configuration->Change IP Address, and under “External IP Address” I change it to “Same as real address.”

I have no idea how to make this the default, though.