IP address and forwarding settings ?


I did install Virtuamin on my freshly installed VPS (on OVH) with success, thanks to an online tutorial. But I get confused reading instructions to create a virtual server using Virtualmin when it comes to set the “IP AND FORWADING“ parameters.

As I wish my VPS to initially host an app for remote support, I suppose that it requires at least SSL websites (and virtual FTP), and that I should then set “Network interface“ and “IPv6 network interface“ parameters with the "Virtual with IP“ option.

Unless otherwise indicated, I then need to know :

What IP information should I fill the “Virtual with IP“ option fields with (e.g. the contextual help mentions an un-used address for the “Network interface“ parameter) ?

Do I check this option as active or not ?

Please reply with considering that I am not an expert to these web tech matters.


With what you described, you may not need any additional setup than what you’ve already done with one IP address on your Virtualmin installation.

What in particular are you hoping to setup, that isn’t currently installed or working?