IP address abstraction

I have a problem with IP addresses - I keep having to change them for one reason or another. It’s annoying, and I don’t feel like going into it right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Point is, it’s ALWAYS a nightmare. Every single time. I think I have a solution to it, but the way Virtualmin deals with IP’s might need tweaked to support it. If you’re still with me…

Okay, I have two domains that are "mine", oss-solutions.com, and oss-solutions.net. .com is where I tend to keep all of the corporate stuff, our internal servers, e-mail, that sort of thing. All of the hosting and ISP-relate stuff stays on .net.

Rather than me telling virtualmin that I have IP’s x, y, and z available to dole out to new virtual hosting customers directly, I would like to be able to (I think…?) by defalt give them a name to alias.

I mean this - in DNS I want to create A records like this:

virt101 A x.x.x.101
virt102 A x.x.x.102
virt103 A x.x.x.103

Then go back to Virtualmin and say that virt101, virt102, and virt103 are available to assign to users. I also want to use our A records for MX and NS records, so that when virtualmin writes out a new DNS record, it looks more or less like this:

NS ns1.oss-solutions.net
NS ns2.oss-solutions.net
MX mx1.oss-solutions.net
MX mx2.oss-solutions.net

newzone.tld CNAME virt1.oss-solutions.net
www.newzone.tld CNAME newzone.tld
mail.newzone.tld CNAME newzone.tld

This way if I have to change IP addresses, I make all of my changes within the oss-solutions.net zone, and it updates everything else automatically. I’m in the process of telling people to use mysql.oss-solutions.net rather than IP addresses for database connections too.

Am I on some kind of funny weed here, or would this be a very good way to handle hosted zones in a way that would make IP address changes…perhaps not trivial, but manageable?