ionCube PHP Loader

I’m getting an error:

Site error: the file /home/purlsnet/public_html/scratch/index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

I didn’t see it under the install scripts. How do I load that on my site? I’m on Pro version and Centos 5

I’ve downgraded to php 4 for this website so I’m checking to see if that’s causing or not. If you have better info though, please share.

ionCube is a commercial product. We can’t distribute it or install it automatically, and none of our Install Scripts require it.

You’ll need to take up ionCube questions with the ionCube folks, or whoever provided you with software that requires it.

Presumably, you need to add a directive to your websites php.ini that loads the ionCube module, but I’ve never used it, so I don’t know.


No, ioncube isn’t one of the install scripts.

Out of curiosity, what app is it you’re trying to install that requires ioncube?

Ioncube is a PHP module that you’d download from the website, and load from within your $HOME/etc/php.ini file.

Installation instructions are here:

And the various ioncube “loaders” can be downloaded here:

Essentially, you need to tell PHP to load one of the ioncube modules, and you’d add a line like this within your php.ini file:


I was hoping it would be an easy yum install command. I’ll have to go back out there and research I guess.

I’m putting a scratch card generator php script out there which is asking for ioncube.

I was hoping it would be an easy yum install command.

Since it’s a commercial product, CentOS also cannot distribute it. So, a simple yum command it right out. The ionCube folks might provide RPM packages, or a yum repository, I dunno.