Ioncube not working?


|**Webmin 1.91
|**Virtualmin version:6.17Pro

i’ve been having trouble with my virtualmin setup freezing in that, I can’t get into webmin or my virtualmin control panel. the only way around it is to reset the server. This has happened a few times in a month and now, one of my virtual domains is having an issue. It is a very old website , but it has been running perfectly for years. It won’t run on anything higher than PHP5.4 - and that is what it has been running on.
Now however, the website stops loading and when I check the apache error log it says: ionCube PHP Loader is disabled because of startup problems
I can’t for the life of me find where it could be ‘disabled’. I’ve checked the associated PHP.ini file and the extension is still in there and when i physically check, the module is still where it should be on the server.
Are you able to help please?

IonCube questions are probably best taken up with the ionCube folks or the folks who sold you the app you’re trying to run. It’s proprietary software that we have no expertise in.

If you post the actual/full errors some other Virtualmin user may have some ideas, though.

Please open a new topic for the system freezing issue, as it is almost certainly unrelated to ionCube problems. We can probably sort that one out (or at least point you in the right direction on how to troubleshoot). We’ll need to know more details of that problem (like is it the whole system that is unresponsive or just Webmin?).

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