Invalid SSL Cert on Webmin, Postfix and Dovecot

Incorrect SSL showing for :10000/ access and email server.

The error is:

  1. I have three IPs with a separate domain URL and SSL certificate on each IP
  2. If I go to or the SSL certificate loads correctly and the SSL lock is green
  3. If I go to the SSL loads and works correctly
  4. If I go to the incorrect SSL loads. The cert that loads is from

If I go to SSL manager and set SSL as the Webmin SSL, then loads the incorrect SSL.

Based on the above, am I correct in stating that Virtualmin and Webmin only allow ONE SSL cert to be associated with Webmin login? This is also the same error that happens with Dovecot and Postfix, you can only assign ONE SSL to all domains.

I have another brand of panel that allows each email and login to have its own SSL there must be a way to do this in Virtualmin and Webmin.