INTERNAL ERROR 500 consecutive to long mysql query or so

i have a prestashop software installed in Debian/Virtualmin
before i was hosted on MAvenHosting on a shared server.
Now i am on a dedicated server.

When i make a query throug the software, i takes 30 seconds and then i get an internal error. I think it is due to apache and not mysql.
I tried to raise the php execution time limit, raised the memory cache size of mysql, but i still get the error.

Is it a problem with the configuration of the server? it bumps me out that what i could do on a shared server i can not do it on a dedicated server…

if you have any clue thank you in advance !

Hey Zylnia

This could be a whole host of issues, and could be related to the lack of an installed php module or a misconfigured htaccess file. It could also be due to permissions of files in the web root.

Could you take a look at the apache error logs at /var/log/virtualmin/yourdomain.tld_error_log and post the last 20-30 lines into this thread? With that someone may be able to assist you in troubleshooting.


Also, it’s possible to increase how long PHP can execute… to do that, you can go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and there you can tweak “Maximum PHP script run time”, which is set to 30 seconds by default.