Interface to update dynamic IP address, for security access

Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6 REQUIRED
Webmin version 2.021 REQUIRED

Currently I am filtering out all IP addresses from accessing webmin/virtualmin, except my own IP.

However, the IP is dynamic, which means I have to rely on an external service, such as Dynu, to keep a stable hostname and get access.

It works, but I dislike the idea of relying on an external service. Something could go wrong and I might get no access at the wrong time.

I seem to remember cPanel had an interface for dynamic IP addresses, which, with a bit of scripting, I could interface with, without using any external service.

Any chance we can get this function with Webmin? Or does it already exist?

(To clarify, I am not referring to the Dynamic DNS function of Virtualmin, which provide DNS update for machines running Virtualmin on dynamic Ip addresses; I look for a way for Webmin to identify a user machine, despite its IP number changes.)

Just a thought, if you use this what happens if your away from your base and you need to access webmin/virtualmin ? In the past I have things go wrong whilst away from may base & I used a mobile phone to access webmin/virtualmin & fix the problem, in this case you could not do that.
I use fail2ban to monitor webmin/virtualmin logins, which seems a good solution, to the point fail2ban will ban an IP which makes invalid login attempts to webmin/virtualmin. In the last 5 years or so fail2ban has only banned around 6 ip addresses from connecting to Virtualmin/Webmin so in my scenario I don’t need any more than this. Sorry I could not help you further

if you use this what happens if your away from your base and you need to access webmin/virtualmin ?

You can always login via SSH and modify the miniserv configuration.

Navigate to /etc/webmin/ and open the miniserv.conf file.

Remove or modify the line that says allow=. Should be at the bottom.

I got spooked by my webmin log files showing all these attempts to bruteforce login, and nothing to stop them.
How is your fail2ban configured? Mine is running, but I haven’t changed any of its settings; it doesn’t seem to filter these attempts to log into webmin/virtualmin.

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