Integration virtualmin interface to cloudmin interface

OS type and version Debian
Virtualmin version 6.17-3 Pro


I have freshly installed cloudmin pro on server. I added 2 xen virtual machine with webmin to cloudmin.
First is secondary DNS and run only webmin, but on second virtual machine run virtualmin pro. In cloudmin menu on host system all these servers have status “Alive”. But according to the documentation, I expected “webmin” and “webmin with virtualmin” statuses . I added these over “Add Xen instance”. And my question is, why virtual machines not have expected statuses? And second question. I have the impression that somewhere I saw a picture that the virtualmin interface is also integrated directly into the cloudmin interface. It is possible? If so, how can this be achieved? I know that I will get to the virtualmin interface via a link, but it seems to me that there were 3 tabs directly on the cloudmin UI in that image, namely “webmin”, “cloudmin” and “virtualmin” on the top of the left side cloudmin UI menu

It could be an authentication issue between Cloudmin and Virtualmin.

If you can see the Xen Virtual Machines in the Cloudmin drop down menu, select the Virtual Machine with Virtualmin Pro on, then select ’ Change Password’. Make sure that the ‘Webmin password for root’ is correct. Cloudmin should then be able to connect to Virtualmin.

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