Integrating Postfix/Dovecot with Zarafa Server (only for specific Users)

Hello Everybody!

I’m Using Virtualmin GPL (3.73) with the Standard Postfix/Dovecot combination.

It works fine, for now-but i want more :slight_smile:

I now installed Zarafa Server (6.30.3) and it works fine-except for what it was build for: sending and receiving mails. I’ve searched the Forums and tried to force Google to tell me-but I have no Idea how I could Integrate Virtualmin with Zarafa.

I do not want all mailboxes to be zarafa-mailboxes so there has to be a delivery-switch somewhere, so that I could tell the daemons that f.e. gets delivered so that it is available via dovecoat and is delivered to the zarafa-agent.

I got through this until a specific point-then i realized that i want spam to be processed correctly-and now I have no idea… (seen too much different aproaches)
I noticed, Postfix passes mails to procmail, but…

Can anyone tell me what to do, or point me to the right direction?

Please excuse my bad english…


Postfix is setup to use procmail to deliver everything.

However, you can use that to your advantage – you can create a .procmailrc for users who have Zarafa accounts, and pipe their emails to the zaraga-agent that you mentioned.

With that, users would receive the benefits of anti-spam and anti-virus scanning that’s currently being done as well.


Sounds not too hard…

But… where to place the procmailrc? I came across this way yesterday-but got stuck a this specific point.

Some Documentation about procmail said, it should be placed into the users home-directory. But what about Mailbox-Users that don’t have ssh-access and therefore have no home-dir?

Thank you!


All system users have a home directory, even if they can’t log in over SSH.

It’s normal for email users to be able to have a .procmailrc – that’s how Usermin goes about handling filters.

It’s typically in “/home/DOMAIN_NAME/homes/USERNAME”.


Okay… One Problem solved-lets go to the next :wink:

I created a .procmailrc in the home of my testuser.
but it doesnt apply…?

Its content:

:0 w
| /usr/bin/zarafa-dagent myUser

The Mails are delivered normally to the dovecot… If the .procmailrc would be processed-there would be at least some errors, right?
but there are none.

In the procmail-log, i can seem how mails are processed, but its like they are only given through clam…

Any Ideas?