Installing Webmin with Virtualmin on localhost

OS type and version Ubuntu
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Virtualmin version REQUIRED
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I purchased second use of HP G9 with 64 gig ram and 2 cpu + 2tb SSD

I want install the virtuall min on it , but I want to use this server on localhost with private IP address
Is it possible?
If no , what can I do for that ? I mean how install any control panel on my server in localhost ?

Just use the standard approach and the script should auto-detect the local ip setup and configure your server accordingly.

This question doesn’t make sense.

localhost is a name for the local network IP (usually You can’t install anything in a name.

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@Joe Yes , I want to use 192.168.x.y IP in my network
Would you please tell me can I install and use that CP in my local network or not?

@shillongserver Thanks

Still not making sense.

Virtualmin does not care what network addresses you use.

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Why is that? could you please describe ?
I have server in my home , my home is not internet provuider , it just home with limit 100mb internet
I just want to run cp for my project that are runing wordpress on my server . why is not possible?

You mean I can run the virtualmin in my network , Right?

It is possible, and Joe mention that Virtualmin does not care what network addresses you use.

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Don’t talk just do.

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