Installing web applications manually in Virtualmin GPL

Hi folks.
I’m having a problem, that I can’t seem to solv.
Even if I make the virtual server owner/group the proper owner of any new web application directory, weather that be for Drupal, WordPress, or anything else.
Since I don’t have Virtualmin Pro at the moment to simplify some of this stuff, I’m stuck in not knowing what permissions to set on the server using the server shell for each sub-directory.
At the moment, I get 403 http errors all over the server or at least in the directory where all server apps that I’m installing without the assistance of Virtualmin installer scripts, may be located.
Any suggestions on how to erase errors like this would be appreciated.
I suppose some of this is due to not understanding exactly how Virtualmin works with regards to permissions etc.
But changing the ownership of the webapp folders is not working, nor is spesifying chmod 777 (even though I get a succeessful shell prompt having any effect on http 403 wich I most surely should not be receiving if permissions are holding, etc.
In case this helps, I usually install web applications under public_html in my virtual server user ID.
So for example, I might have WordPress at:
Thanks for any suggestions on what I could do here.
Also, if it helps khinton:khinton is what I used in chown for the tech_blog directory, as an example of just one location on the server’s filesystem…


In most cases, the default ownership and permissions should be correct.

Especially if you don’t change any defaults – Virtualmin uses CGI/FCGID by default, which both run everything as the Virtual Server owner. So PHP applications would have permissions to read and write to all the files and directories you have there.

One gotcha is that some people do admin work in their domain as root, rather than as the Virtual Server owner – so when they download a package such as Drupal and untar it, all the files are owned as root. We’d recommend always working as the Virtual Server owner, and not as root, when working on a website.

After verifying the above – if you’re having problems with your applications not working properly, let us know what errors you’re seeing in $HOME/logs/error_log, as that may assist in determining what’s not working properly.


Hi, Eric:
The problem I was having was indeed the fact that I wasn’t working as the server owner directly.
So I needed to log into the virtual server user on the system, chown the directory, in question and all was well.
Thanks for reminding me of that, and no, I’ve not changed any defaults, except in the case of the WHMCS installation I have. :slight_smile: