installing VM from within WEBMIN ...

Hi Folks,

Well, I finally got used to using VIRTUALMIN, after years of web-hosting wtih CPanel etc. I went out and purchased a virtual server package with WEBMIN installed, assuming that VM was part of webmin.

  • uh, not quite * … !

can anyone coach me a bit on how I could install VM from within the WEBMIN interface? I don’t have a lot of server-side smarts, please be gentle!!



Hi Gary,

Do you already have a live server, with websites and such on it? Or are you using a relatively new server with a recent install?

The simplest way to get Virtualmin up and running would be to use the script, which handles all the configuration for you. It’s not just the web hosting module that sits on top of Webmin, but it also goes about configuring everything on your server to work just right.

That’s actually super easy, you just run the script that you can find when clicking the “Download” link above, and it will handle the rest.

But that’s only recommended when you’re dealing with a relatively new server and no live sites being hosted from it.

It is possible to setup Virtualmin manually, when the server you have already contains live sites… but that’s considered the hard way :slight_smile:


thanks Eric, the server sysop did manage to migrate my old VM settings across from a previous server, but somehow I lost the ability for clients to log into webmail. perhaps a shared ssl on the old system did not come across.

is there any way I can see if the necessary webmail modules are indeed installed (dovecot, squirel, horde, etc?). the normal url’s for webmail (;; none of them work …


Well, it sounds like there’s multiple issues going on there :slight_smile:

If you can’t browse to, that may mean Usermin isn’t installed. One thing you might try is to browse to your IP address at port 20000… https://your_ip_address:20000 – that would rule out a DNS issue.

If browsing to your IP address like that doesn’t work, that sounds like a Usermin issue.