Installing Virtualmin/Webmin AFTER Installing a LAMP Stack

Hi friends, I just have a quick question!

Okay, so I have already installed a complete LAMP Stack along with a couple other plugins such as PhpMyAdmin, Cron Jobs, etc., etc… I installed everything on my VPS (running Ubuntu Linux) using SSH.

If I now go to install Virtualmin after installing my current set up, would it create any issues with over-writing my currently LAMP set up or does it just see the files that I’ve already installed and work around my current set up? I just wouldn’t want to delete anything at this point because I put A LOT of time & WORK into my current set up. Would this create any issues at this point or is it too late to try installing Virtualmin? Thanks for any support!

Virtualmin is designed to be installed on a fresh server that has a minimal OS install. Using the automated installer over the top of an existing configuration isn’t supported. One of the first things the installer does is remove any existing services like apache etc.

You may be able to perform a manual install, though. You can find installation documentation here.

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Don’t do it. You’re making a lot more work for yourself. Don’t fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy.

It’s possible, but you should only do it for very special circumstances (i.e. you have a very specific custom set of requirements). If you just put in a bunch of work on a generic LAMP stack, just consider it a learning experience.