Installing VirtualMin on CentOS 6.3

Since it took me a ton of time to get the install just right (thanks again to the staff here at VirtualMin for their assistance) I have made a little “How-to” for installing VirtualMin on CentOS 6.

[ Install Instructions ]

Hopefully this helps anyone that has any of the same issues I had.

If I made any obvious mistakes, let me know and I will correct them.


Thanks a lot for this fantastic how-to.


Edit: Unfortunately I had no luck with CSF (ConfigServer Security and Firewall) since it is always locking out anything after setting test mode to off. Have to look for another firewall extension.

CSF is working quite nicely here… Can you elaborate “locking out anything”? What exactly was CSF doing for you?

Hallo Locutus,

I recently switched with a new server from CentOS to Debian 7. So I can only elaborate CSF on Debian:

After I install CSF it works in test mode. Anything works and I have no issues logging in.

After I set test mode to off, a few minutes later I’m completely locked out from the server. That includes Webmin/Virtualmin, PuTTY, FTP and even normal HTTP via browser.

So I was thinking of a crash and made a hardware reboot. But then after a few minutes the same lock out happens again and again. Then I changed my own IP (via FritzBox) and I could log in a few minutes, then locking out happens again.


Okay, if it happens only after a while, this sounds like LFD (the Login Failure Daemon) part of CSF might be picking up some (possibly incorrect) failed login attempts from your IP and then block it temporarily. You might want to put CSF in testing mode again and go through the configuration, especially the LFD parts.

Unfortunately, that’s too complex a topic to remote-debug by guessing what could be wrong. :slight_smile: If you’d like, I can offer you (for a small fee) to take a look at your system myself, with Instant Messenger chat and Teamviewer.