Installing VirtualMin issue


I have ordered centos 8 server without control panel, but i installed webmin/ MySQL, email server and Apache.

so i have tried to install VirtualMin to start making accounts on the server and getting my files on but i got this (please check attached)

Please advice.

Don’t do that. Install Virtualmin on a freshly installed OS. Don’t pre-install anything. If you want to change from Virtualmin default services to something else, do it after installation and make the appropriate changes in Webmin/Virtualmin to make them aware of the change (but don’t change things without good reason, because it’s harder for us to help when things go wrong if your system isn’t similar to everyone else).

It’s hard enough for a script to get installation and configuration right just across the base OS versions we support. It’s impossible to support every combination of services and packages that anyone could ever install on their own.

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