Installing two versions of PHP

Running Virtualmin 3.86 GPL under Centos 5.6 PHP 5.16

Looking to install PHP 5.3 as well, was going to upgrade totally to 5.3 but remembered when I did that before on another server a PHP scripts (forum script) on my server wasn’t happy so ideally need 5.16 as well.

PHP53 (5.3.3-1.el5_6.1) is available in the yum repository according to

Webmin >> Software Packages >> Browse YUM

Is this the route for installing another version of PHP?

Ideal solution would be to install PHP 5.3 as well and manually switch the PHP version for the virtualservers that I need a PHP upgrade for (script I’m using needs PHP 5.2+ for an upgraded version of the script).



Oops, here I am suggesting in your other post that you might want to open up a new request for this topic, and you already had :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunately not possible to install those packages side by side, it’s one or the other.

Would your software all work with PHP 5.2.17? If so, you could try the PHP version from the Virtualmin bleed repo:

Installing PHP 5.2 is a quick upgrade.

Installing PHP 5.3 is a little more involved, you can read about how to do it here: