Installing SSL Certificate Chain


So I have successfully installed one of my certificates via the SSL Manager for my website. The problem is I have 3 other certificates and im a bit confused on where to install them.

I’ve read that I have to install it in the same directory as my ssl.cert and ssl.key dirctory, but also read it has to be installed in /etc/httpd/ or /etc/appache2.

I use Ubuntu 14.04 and my current certificates are installed in my /home/mywebsite directory. Can someone tell me where to put the rest of my certificates, and what file to edit?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It sounds like you may have a CA Certificate / Intermediate certificate that you’d like to associate with your primary SSL certificate… is that right?

Typically, that group of certificates can be merged into one file.

After doing that, you can add it to your server by going into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> CA Certificate.



Well that was way easier than expected, it’s working like a charm now. Thanks again andreychek.