Installing software not supported by Virtualmin

Is there a general guide to installing software which Virtualmin does not specifically support? I’m installing a Railo/Tomcat server (a ColdFusion parser). I’m also thinking of playing with memcached and adding Acronis TrueImage.



Well, a lot of software is made available by the various Linux distributions. Depending on which one you’re using, software can be installed from the command line using yum or apt-get.

Or, from within Virtualmin, you can click Webmin -> System -> Software Packages.

Now, some of the tools you mentioned above aren’t as simple to install, and may not be available in the software repositories for most Linux distributions. That includes Tomcat, Trueimage, and such – for those, they should each have installation instructions which should describe how to go about installing them.


OK, I guess my question was more one of how does Virtualmin handle it when software it isn’t designed to manage is installed. My hope is that ignores it completely, and doesn’t interfere with it’s installation, including dependencies, or it’s configuration or operation.

Yup, it should ignore it completely!

Unless that software somehow modifies something Virtualmin uses. For example, if you installed an email server, that would obviously cause problems with the email setup that Virtualmin manages.

But, the things you mentioned above – those shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Thanks - Appreciate your time in answering.

hey kencl,

how did you get on with installing Railo on the same box? any probs? have you attempted any sort of integration?