Installing Redmine under virtualmin

Does anyone else use redmine, and have it working under virtualmin? I can install redmine by hand without any problems, and most of the details work, up until the point where you use apache proxies to map to the mongrel process. When I try to turn on the proxy_http module, it breaks apache and I have to turn it back off and start apache again.

I did see this older thread :

and I have got a modified version of that installer script to install, although once installed I get a 500 failure from apache. I also had to do some apt-get installs beforehand to get it to work, and I’m not sure how to include them into the script.

I could probably get a lot of this working manually, but I’d rather have it all within virtualmin to make it easier to manage down the track.

I’ve attached my version of the script file if anyone is interested, I’d love to have a redmine script included in virtualmin and kept up to date though.


[file name=redmine-5ad435c557278e96911b59809db32155.txt size=10312][/file]

I’ll ask Jamie to have a look at this. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the previous script to him…so it’s never made its way into the official release (Jamie has been advised not to try to keep up with the forums, generally, and only responds in the bug tracker–we have to have somebody mostly working on Virtualmin rather than just doing support!).

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the installer … I will clean this up a little, and include it in the next Virtualmin release (3.69).

Excellent. I’ve only based my example on the old link I found, so it’s not even copied from a recent version of a similar script, so my apologies if it’s more than a “little” cleanup.

Much appreciated, and let me know if you want someone to test it.